The U.S. now has over 83 million broadband subscribers

Large phone and cable companies added nearly half-a-million broadband subscribers during the third quarter of 2013. The U.S. seems to be on its way to 100 million subscribers, and Comcast seems to be the big winner of the broadband sweepstakes.

So what is behind all this talk of cable TV consolidation?

Internet is abuzz with news stories of pending media mergers and rumors of cable company consolidations are doing the rounds on Wall Street. Most importantly cable cowboy John Malone is back in action. Let me tell you about the “why” behind this excitement.

Time Warner to make over $350 million-a-year from cable modem rentals

Time Warner Cable, like some other broadband service providers, is now charging monthly rental fee for modems. That’s hardly a surprise, given the dearth of alternatives for consumers. Of course, the FCC willfully ignores the lack of a competitive market dynamic.

Planet broadband, like the US Internet, is getting faster

Second quarter of 2012 represented three good months for planet broadband, particularly for the US which saw big gains in higher broadband speeds. In addition, Japan got faster and more countries are offering more broadband to more people. But there is some bad news as well.

90% of US households with computers have broadband

Broadband penetration in the U.S. is continuing to grow and is now stands at 90 percent of U.S. households that have a computer at home. With over 80.3 million broadband subscribers in the nation, computer ownership is at the heart of broadband divide.