HBO, CBS and net neutrality

Underlying much of the debate of interconnection fees and paid prioritization is an unspoken and largely unexamined assumption that the current power dynamic between ISPs and content providers is both inevitable and immutable. It isn’t.

A moment of truth for pay-TV providers

While CBS was winning its fights over distribution fees with Time Warner Cable it’s looking increasingly vulnerable in what used to be considered the core piece of its business: prime time programming.

Intel pits content against capex

What Intel is really offering the networks isn’t simply more money from a new market entrant but the foundation of a whole new pricing paradigm for linear content rights.

Comcast binges on Wi-Fi hotspots in California

Comcast’s Wi-Fi network has pulled up stakes and is heading west to make its fortune in San Francisco and other California cities. The cable operators said it has deployed a “few thousand” hotspots around the state though the greatest concentration is in the Bay Area.

5 cable companies cut the cord, offer free Wi-Fi roaming

A wireless network comprised of 50,000 free hotspots will appear in the coming months, but there’s a small catch: To use the free Wi-Fi service, you’ll need to be a subscriber to one of five cable television providers. The Wi-Fi roaming revolution is finally here.

Comcast’s AnyPlay brings live TV to the iPad

Comcast is finally making live TV available on the iPad. But unlike other operators, it’s not just making those streams available directly through an app: Customers who wish to take advantage of the live offering will need an extra set of equipment to make it work.