Channeling Netflix

Unless Congress and/or the FCC does something to change the rules of the retransmission game, pay-TV providers will need to do something to re-balance their negotiating leverage with the networks.

Where have you gone, AllVid?

If the Xbox One comes up short as a true, all-in-one entertainment center, it’s due to the intransigence of pay-TV operators and the fecklessness of the Federal Communications Commission more than to any design decisions made by Microsoft.

How one sports geek wants to save cable TV with data

Mark Phillip wants to save cable television, kind of. He really wants to make life easier for sports fanatics like himself, but in doing so has created something he thinks could save cable and satellite from the cord-cutting craze. The secret to his possible success: data.

IAC-backed Aereo makes a big play for cord cutters

The promise of cord-cutting may get a lot brighter with the introduction of Aereo, a new TV broadcast service backed by IAC that enables mobile devices, set-top boxes, TVs and PCs to receive local broadcast programming over the Internet.

When does sharing become stealing?

TV Everywhere is giving people access to content they are not actually paying for. I know, because I’m one of them. The question is whether that is stealing — and if it is, is there anything that cable companies can actually do about it?

Boxee clashes with cable companies over encryption

Boxee isn’t just marketing its live TV tuner as an alternative to cable; it is also fighting with cable companies about having access to their programming. The reason? Cable companies want to encrypt their basic cable tier, which Boxee and other CE makers oppose.

Apple to buy Hollywood? Not a chance.

Could Apple spend its $100 billion in cash to create a virtual cable operator to compete with Comcast and the like? Sure. But it would have a really hard time offering a competitively priced service and building a profitable business out of it.