TV networks getting that sinking feeling

The networks generally insist that marketers are simply being cautious and that ad spending will ultimately pick up, but investors and analysts are clearly growing skeptical.

The hardest part about Google Fiber isn’t digging ditches, but buying TV rights

You thought that building out all that physical infrastructure is what has been slowing down Google Fiber’s expansion? Think again: Google Fiber head Milo Medin has called TV rights the “the single biggest impediment” to growing Fiber, according to the Wall Street Journal, which also quotes Medin saying that TV has been “the single biggest piece of our cost structure.” The problem is that Google, in order to win over cable customers, has to offer the same channels as the competition. But as a newcomer, it has to pay up to twice as much for some of the rights. No wonder internet TV ventures like the ones from Sony and Dish are struggling to keep costs under control.

If only Comcast’s customer service were as smooth as its lobbying

I was passed on to a supervisor. Then to another supervisor, and another and another. We went round and round for weeks. Weeks turned into months, during which I was still being sent two bills, while I vainly sought someone with enough authority to sell me what I was pleading to buy.

Aereo suspends service, promises refunds to subscribers

Aereo bowed to the inevitable on Saturday morning, telling subscribers that’s pulling the plug at 11:30ET on its revolutionary service that rented consumers mini-antennas and DVR’s to watch over-the-air TV.

What are Boxee’s upcoming mystery products?

Boxee revealed in a filing with the FCC this week that it’s working on additional products that could be used as alternatives to traditional cable set-top boxes. What does the company have up its sleeve? We can only guess — but, hey, that’s fun too!