Hulu: More Vids to Fewer Uniques in March

Monthly viewer stats used to be pretty boring to write. To paraphrase Jan Brady, it was always “YouTube, YouTube, YouTube!” (s GOOG) Then along came Hulu (s GE) and things got more interesting as the premium content site started to take off. According to Nielsen, March was a mixed bag for Hulu. The site held onto the No. 2 spot, and served up more streams (348.5 million) — but to fewer unique viewers (8.8 million) than February (308 million streams to 9.4 million viewers).
Covering stats could get downright exciting if the CBS-backed keeps growing. enjoyed nice promotion during the recent March Madness, which was watched by 7.52 million unique visitors.
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Cadmium: The Dark Side of Thin-Film?

The future of the solar power industry may be bright, but solar also has a dark side — some thin-film photovoltaic solar cells contain hazardous substances like Cadmium that can pose a health risk if the solar panel is simply thrown out after it’s done soaking up the sun.

Multiply Social Network Comes To iPhone

iphone2.pngA few days after everyone went into a tizzy over Facebook launching an iPhone-specific website, another social networking service, Multiply has come out with its iPhone-ready site. (Check it out here at It is amazing how many social services are spending money and optimizing for Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone, betting that the device would only gain in popularity. According to M:Metrics, a market research firm, some 7.5 million Americans or 3.5% of all mobile subscribers accessed mobile social networking. [digg=]

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