How better tech makes for a lighter CES 2013 gear bag

After eight consecutive years of covering the International Consumer Electronics Show, it’s interesting to see how technology has evolved; this year I’m taking less gear than ever before and yet, I’ll likely be more productive. Here’s a glimpse of my CES gear bag over time.

iPhone SLR mount is kind of expensive, kind of awesome

Is it wrong that I want this new iPhone 4 SLR mount from Photojojo so badly? The new case/adapter combo that allows you to use either Canon or Nikon SLR lenses with your iPhone 4 to add some professional veneer to your mobile photos.

Evil Downside of Better Mobile Devices: More to Carry & Choose

Mobile devices are surely improving. Cameras in phones are replacing point and shoots, while small tablets offer features that once were the realm of laptops. While that sounds great, am I the only one getting weighed down with more mobile gadgets, defeating the purpose of mobility?

How We Live Blogged the 9.9.09 Apple Media Event


I have always been curious about what kind of tools people have used to liveblog events (especially those involving Apple). As many of you readers know, Apple recently held a media event on 9.9.09. I jumped on the opportunity to attend and represent TheAppleBlog. Naturally, one of my responsibilities was to liveblog everything.

Here’s the plan that was put together:



  • CoverItLive
  • Text messaging
  • Email
  • Flickr
  • Adium
  • Eye-Fi Manager

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Cable Cos and Camera Makers Post Earnings

In these tough economic times, public companies are just as volatile as the little startups we spend so much of our time covering. Here are some of the latest quarterly earnings highlights from companies that make a difference in NewTeeVee.

Time Warner: (s TWX) Profit was down 14 percent to $661 million, though that beat analysts’ estimates. Shares climbed yesterday after earnings came out, but they’re now back at $22.04, about what they were trading beforehand. The company said its “TV Everywhere” is coming second half of this year, and also that it’s trying to spin off AOL. What this means for online video: No more synergy between content efforts at AOL properties like Bebo and Time Warner properties like CNN. Not that that ever happened, or was even promised to happen, but it might have been cool! Also, check out this very informally shot video pitch for TV Everywhere from Time Warner Chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes that was posted on YouTube today (via Learmonth on Twitter).

Comcast: (s CMCSA) Profit up 5 percent to $778 million, exceeding estimates and lifting its shares. Meanwhile, the AP said Comcast turned Joost down, as the video startup seeks a buyer. Time Warner would be the alternative buyer, as had been previously reported.

Canon: (s ADR)Profit down 83 percent to $182.5 million. Ouch! Reduced research and development, which doesn’t bode well for the new video cameras we’d like to see.

Kodak: (s EK) Lost $353 million in the first quarter, which excluding special items was 95 cents per share, way more than analysts’ estimate of 33 cents per share. It’s just not a good time to be selling electronics.

Vid-Biz: Charter, Sling, Rebel

Charter Communications Files for Chapter 11; country’s fourth-largest cable co. in pre-arranged re-org to reduce its debt by roughly $8 billion. (Multichannel News)
SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry Exits Beta; download costs $30 and only works over Wi-Fi. (GigaOM) News comes a day after Liz broke the story about a TV episode service coming to BlackBerry.
New Canon Rebel Ti Shoots HD Video; the DSLR still camera costs $800 and can shoot 1080p at 20 frames per second. (Gadgetwise Blog)
AMC to Add 1,500 3D Screens; installations already underway, with new 3D screens to be spread through out the U.S. and Canada. (The Hollywood Reporter)
Wowza Says it Has Doubled its User Base in Six Months; streaming server vendor attributes some of its growth to the launch of a subscription model, with prices starting at $65 per month. (Contentinople)
Bebo’s b-box Hits 4 Million Views; entertainment web show uses the Ooyala video player. (emailed release)

Which Is Better: Video Cameras or Still Cameras With Video?

I love my little Flip video camera, but I’m beginning to think I should switch to a still camera that has video capabilities. Before I decide, however, I’d love to hear what NewTeeVee-ers think.

According to a recent survey (PDF) by, 44 percent of online users own a camcorder. But 1 in 3 camcorder owners do not use one as their primary video recording device, according to the report; 25 percent use their digital cameras to record video, and 5 percent use a mobile phone. Even camcorder owners don’t want to carry multiple devices around.


Historically, I’ve been a fan of owning devices that did one thing well. The phone is used for calls, the camera takes pictures, the media player does music and the video camera does video. But as technology continues to improve, the quality distinction between mono- and multipurpose devices continues to erode.

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Low Prices, Convergence Devices Dominate CES 2009

sony-webbie-mhs-pm1The poor economy dominated the scene at CES this year, and it led highly anxious exhibitors to highlight lower prices for gadgets like netbooks, cell phones, and A/V devices. The jittery economy is pushing consumers to look for value, and aggressive price points are the best way to coax them into spending their limited stash of cash. That said, lower prices don’t mean less interesting features. Almost all the relevant devices unveiled this year offer efficient, web-convergent services. Read More about Low Prices, Convergence Devices Dominate CES 2009