Why the operating system still (kind of) matters

Canonical founder and space traveler Mark Shuttleworth came on the Structure Show this week to discuss Ubuntu’s role as the operating system of choice for cloud computing. As OpenStack takes precedence over the operating system, he argues, Red Hat’s licensing can’t last.

Ubuntu launches on mobile – but without some key elements

Ubuntu “Saucy Salamander” 13.10 may be the first properly mobile-friendly version of the distro, but there are usability issues, an app shortage and — as yet — no ability to make it run like desktop Ubuntu when hooked up to an HDMI monitor.

FWIW, the Ubuntu Edge has become a crowdfunding record-breaker

Canonical’s hybrid mobile-PC concept device has overtaken the Pebble smartwatch’s $10.27 million haul to become the biggest crowdfunding pledge recipient. The Edge campaign will probably still fail, but at least Canonical’s idea has received validation.