The Ubuntu Edge campaign is in trouble, and here’s why

Canonical is not on track to hit the lofty $32 million crowdfunding target it set for its smartphone. And telling its Linux-centric fanbase that openness and hackability are not top priorities will not help its cause.

Hotshot Nebula gets $25M for plug-and-play OpenStack clouds

Nebula CEO and co-founder Chris Kemp says the OpenStack cloud company will use its new-found money to hire engineers, expand its private beta and build out its new Menlo Park, CA headquarters. Comcast Ventures led the $25 million Series B round.

Ubuntu and Android make for a mobile one-two punch

Canonical will turn Android phones into Ubuntu desktops, which could eliminate the need to carry a laptop. The idea of using a docked phone as a full-fledged desktop computer isn’t new — remember Motorola’s lapdock? — but Canonical is better suited to make the concept work.