Canonical: Ubuntu has a future in mobile

Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth thinks Ubuntu Linux has a shot to be a contending operating system for future phones and tablets. It will be a tough go: Apple iOS and Google Android dominate the field now, with new Windows Phone 7 also making a play.

OpenStack, Canonical Paving More Routes to the Cloud

This week brought several examples of existing software and on-premise cloud solutions becoming a little easier to use or more widely available. While none were individually significant enough to spark dramatic transformation of the industry, these new tools, when put together, signify a maturing market.

Canonical’s Mark Shuttleworth on ARM & OpenStack for Ubuntu Servers

The folks at Canonical have been trying to establish Ubuntu as the cloud OS. CEO Mark Shuttleworth underscored this mission during his keynote at the recent Ubuntu Developer Sumit, in which he noted full support for ARM-based servers, as well as for the OpenStack cloud platform.

Does Ubuntu Capture the “Mac Vision And Spirit” Better Than Mac OS X?

Given Apple’s increasingly evident distractedness from Mac OS development as it concentrates more on the mobile space with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, some are suggesting that Ubuntu captures the traditional “Mac” spirit and vision better than the actual Mac OS does these days.

Open vs. Closed: Ubuntu Walks the Line

Any debate between open or closed systems has to touch on open-source software and the ways companies are attempting to build code as a community effort while profiting off of it in some way. I talked to Mark Shuttleworth about how Ubuntu walks that line.