Today in Cloud

Not so long ago, most pitches on the benefits of cloud computing began with either “save money” or “save the planet.” Both of those remain true, to a degree, but increasingly they’re being pushed down the benefits list in favour of “agility.” The cloud, the argument increasingly goes, makes it feasible for your business to be far more agile, far more nimble, and far more responsive to changing circumstance. Take, for example, these posts from the past few days. Writing for Wall Street & Technology, Melanie Rodier asserts that “Speed-to-Market Is Biggest Benefit Of Cloud Computing.” Over at SearchCloudComputing Carl Brooks is less convinced, opening with “it’s becoming clear that vendors are trying to change their tune to better suit their ambitions. The new byword is ‘agility’; the sell-siders would fain have you forget about that earlier golden calf, ‘operating expenses (opex) versus capital expenses (capex).'” A little harsh, perhaps, when those vendors may simply be adjusting a message based upon feedback from their customers. It’s also unfair, as the agility argument is surely more true? The opex/capex argument got vendors into the enterprise at a time when every budget was under scrutiny. The agility argument should be the one that keeps them there.