Meet Capital Factory’s 5 graduating startups

Austin’s answer to TechStars or YCombinator shows off its graduating class of startups today (plus 15 other companies) as the third year of the Capital Factory accelerator program comes to a close. I went out last week to interview the startups to get readers the scoop.

Minus Pre-Rolls, Luck and the Virgin A Tight and Intriguing 60 Seconds

[show=luckandthevirgin size=large]If I were given the power to make rules about online video advertising, here’d be one of them: No pre-roll ad can be longer than, say, 20 percent of a video’s run-time. I do not have this power, though, and thus I am sad to say that of the four and a half minutes of video I watched this morning on, a minute and a half were dull and annoying Airwick commercials.
The other three minutes, however, weren’t that bad. Luck and the Virgin, currently running on Koldcast in English and on YouTube (s GOOG) in English with Spanish subtitles, bills itself as a 60 second soap, though the model in this case isn’t a traditional American soap opera, but instead a Mexican telenovela — a decision heightened by the choice of location, Mexico. In the first three episodes, we meet Valentina (Whitney Moore), an American who, due to some incredibly efficient storytelling, is already in serious trouble thanks to a former boyfriend, a misplaced bag and a life story’s worth of mysteries.
Luck and the Virgin chooses to be sparing with details, especially those that might explain why Valentina is down in Mexico, and creative with its construction of the show’s time line, leaning heavily on flashbacks and flash-forwards. But rather than proving frustrating, this heightens the mystery — the end result is the sense of watching only the most important moments of a drama, and trying to puzzle out how they fit together. The time investment required here is low, but and worth the result. Read More about Minus Pre-Rolls, Luck and the Virgin A Tight and Intriguing 60 Seconds

Entrepreneurial Stereotypes on Display at SXSW

Picture a tech startup founder. Are they male, maybe around 27 years old, and a resident of Silicon Valley? Apparently that’s what it takes to build a tech startup according to the explicit and implicit wisdom shared at the Seed Combinator’s panel today at SXSW.

MobileTechRoundup 185 — WinMo 6.5 and Moon Go Boom!

MoTR_coverMoTR 185 is 34:20 minutes long and is a 32 MB file in MP3 format.
CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.

HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia)


More Windows Mobile 6.5 thoughts after some hands-on time.
The Android Army is expanding with many new handsets.
Google Sync for iPhone is Google Stink this week.
How to enable data roaming on the Palm Pre.
Odds of an iPhone on Verizon in the near term seem to be fading fast.

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Austin’s Capital Factory Incubator Bets on Consumer Startups

Capital Factory, Austin’s attempt to recreate the success of technology incubators such as YCombinator and TechStars, today announced the five startups it has chosen to invest in and mentor as part of its inaugural session. The startups will receive $20,000 as a direct investment, $20,000 of in-kind services, and 10 weeks of mentoring from Capital Factory’s group of entrepreneurs. Capital Factory was created this year to support and boost Austin’s startup and technology community. Below are the five finalists chosen from more than 300 applicants to the program: Read More about Austin’s Capital Factory Incubator Bets on Consumer Startups