Whose Fault Is It that OK Go Isn’t Going Viral?

[show=okgo size=large]Name-calling isn’t polite. That’s how my mother brought me up, anyways. So I kinda feel bad about starting off today’s review with the following: OK Go, you guys are morons.

But, frankly, it needs to be said. Why? It’s simple. The indie rock band was but a blip on the mainstream music scene until 2006, when it made jaws drop with the viral smash video for Here It Goes Again. Four dudes took eight treadmills and made one of the most joyful and exuberant music videos of the 2000s, and its online success (currently approaching 50 million views on YouTube) created a worldwide audience for the band.

However, last Friday OK Go premiered a stunt-heavy music video for the new single This Too Shall Pass, featuring a cast of 200 — including the Notre Dame marching band — who perform the tune in one take, with some fun surprises along the way. Alas, though, the video has so far only acquired about 10,500 views, which is surely disappointing to the band, yet easily explained: The video is geoblocked by Capitol Records in many international locations, and embedding in all regions has been disabled.

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