PayPal buys credit card scanner

PayPal liked so much, it not only used the startup to help it capture credit card images for its PayPal Here product, it is now buying the San Francisco startup. The team will help PayPal build out its digital wallet.

Credit card scanner launches its own payment app last year introduced its “visual swipe” technology that allowed developers to accept credit card payments by taking a picture of a card. Now, the start-up is launching a new consumer payment app for iOS and Android that allows people to receive payments using’s technology.’s launches visual credit card swipe tech on Android, a start-up that launched a mobile credit card scanning tool in June, is seeing a strong amount of developer support with 80 iOS apps using its tech to improve mobile payments and transactions. Now, the company is bringing the technology to Android. brings credit card visual swipe to mobile devs is announcing the launch of a private beta program for mobile developers who want to integrate its visual swipe technology into their apps, allowing people to enter in their credit card information by just taking a picture of their card.