What would you give up to keep working remotely?

Staples is releasing a survey Tuesday on web worker happiness, but rather than capture why remote workers are content with their lot, Staples aims to get at exactly how thrilled they are to not have to go into the office.

Why are web workers happier?

The research is conclusive: compared to office-based colleagues, those who are free to work where they choose are happier with their jobs. But why is this? The answer isn’t as clear as it might first appear to web work boosters.

New book offers tips on how to “future proof” your career

The future, as any science fiction fan can tell you, can be as scary as it can be exciting. Is there anything we can do, when it comes to work, to reduce the anxiety of the future and prepare ourselves to weather economic and technological change?

5 ways to pay it forward and get ahead

Most helpful folks are well-connected to a large network of people, but they don’t build this network by being selfish and difficult to work with. They’re usually generous and “pay it forward” in return for the help they’ve received from other people.

LinkedIn’s Digital Resume and the World of Work

The IPO of LinkedIn is probably the most significant web stock issue since Google, so I wanted to take a moment to reflect on LinkedIn’s impact on the world of work. LinkedIn’s “digital resume” has become an important tool for connecting job seekers and employers

Millennials Prefer Freelancing, Study Says

I’ve been given a sneak peak at an Elance study that investigates the attitudes of “millennials” to work, their careers and job searching. Perhaps the most interesting finding in the study is how positive the millenials are about freelancing as a career choice.

Training a Distributed Team

Training timelines seem to grow by leaps and bounds whenever there’s a little distance between the trainer and the trainees. When you’re working with a virtual team you can’t let the fact that you don’t see every member of your team in person slow you down.

How to Induct a New Remote Team Member

Inducting a new remote team member can be a real challenge — especially as they’ll be working off-site. Your remote recruit’s future performance in your team will depend, in part, on your ability to induct them successfully. There are four key factors to consider.

Jobs 2.0: Data-centric Jobs for Generation Y

While some may say that Generation Y are slackers, I think they’re just waiting around for the next crop of interesting jobs. Well, good news, 20-somethings, the new fall line of jobs is here! You’ll note that most of these jobs center around one thing: data.

Report: Hiring Up for Workers With Mobile, Language Skills

A new report evaluating recent job postings for remote workers found that employers are looking to hire mobile developers. The report also showed an increase in postings for experts in such languages as Spanish, German and Korean, and for business planning and market strategy professionals.