MacBook Air Acting Up, Just in Time for Holidays

The launch of Apple’s new unibody aluminum Macs hasn’t been the smoothest ride, for both the company and its loyal customers. There was disappointment over what didn’t (Firewire) and what did (HDCP) make it into the new machines. The innovative new trackpad design nearly underwhelmed thanks to a glitch that resulted in it failing to recognize clicks every so often. Finally, two graphics-related issues began cropping up in MacBooks and MacBook Pros, problems which Apple is currently investigating.

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Apparently, the MacBook Air was tired of its bulkier cousins getting all the negative attention. Recent reports from users indicated Apple’s ultra-portable is also experiencing problems associated with graphics output. Machines are being returned to Apple because of “laid” displays, a problem in which faint, horizontal or slightly angled gray lines appear, spanning the entire width of the notebook’s screen. Luckily (or maybe unluckily, depending on your perspective), the lines are said to appear immediately after booting, so you’ll know right away if your machine’s affected. The photo to the right shows what to look for if you’re unsure about your own Air.
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McCain & Welch have ‘guts.’ Clinton is a Gerstner! Who is Obama?

Earlier this week, Found|READ contributor Jeremy Garlington sent us a fun post of Prez Candidate-CEO Pairings. A leadership consultant based in Atlanta, Jeremy made some quick assessments of the good and not-so-good characteristics of the various politicos, and lined up each one of them with a CEO-sibling. For example:

Mitt Romney talks endlessly about “his experience in the private sector” and “changing Washington.” We would suggest pairing him with General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt, who despite popularity and innovation talk, has led during an era when the company’s equity has remained virtually flat.

Garlington marries John McCain to Jack Welch, which we agree with, but not for the reasons he offers… Read More about McCain & Welch have ‘guts.’ Clinton is a Gerstner! Who is Obama?