Voice is a killer app, but not all carriers will kill to control it

Despite the dust up over FaceTime, not all carriers see blocking or restricting over-the-top communications services as their option. VoIP player Sidecar thinks carriers will try and match the features of OTT apps, while T-Mobile says it actively encourage the use of competing IP communications services.

Thanks to the iPhone, Fon finds its sweet spot in Japan

Fon may have launched in Madrid, but lately the company taking on a very Japanese flavor. According to the company, which pioneered the concept of a global community Wi-Fi network, 1 million or a full one-sixth of its global access points now reside in Japan.

Making T-Mo’s MyTouch is just step 1 of Huawei’s master plan

It was perhaps a very badly kept secret, but Huawei has officially confirmed it will be the latest vendor to build T-Mobile USA’s MyTouch smartphones. These phones aren’t bottom-of-the-portfolio placeholders, and Huawei hopes to use them to propel it into U.S. prominence.