Apple says it dumped Carrier IQ software in iOS 5

Apple admitted on Thursday it has used and supported in the past CarrierIQ software, but it says it hasn’t used it for tracking keystrokes or messages. The company says it stopped supporting this software “in most” of its products with iOS 5.

Sprint admits receiving Carrier IQ data but says it’s not spying

Carrier IQ is feeding Sprint generalized data about how its customers’ smartphones perform on its network, Sprint has confirmed, but it said it does not snoop into the private contents of those phones. Sprint claims its using that information primarily to optimize its network.

How to check if your Android phone uses Carrier IQ

More than 141 million smartphones are now running software called Carrier IQ that can log everything a user does and sees, including private web browsing, incoming texts and which buttons you press on the phone. Is your Android handset spying on you? Here’s how to check.