Cascading champion Concurrent raises $10M

Big data startup Concurrent has raised a $10 million series B round of venture capital from Bain Capital Ventures, Rembrandt Ventures and True Ventures (Disclosure: True Ventures is also an investor in Gigaom). The company actually made its name building and supporting Cascading, a framework that many folks use to build Hadoop applications and data workflows at a higher level than writing MapReduce jobs, but is now also pushing application performance management with a product called Driven. Concurrent launched in 2007 and has raised nearly $15 million since first taking venture financing in 2011.

Concurrent is building a Hadoop assembly line in open source

Cascading creator Concurrent has developed a new open source tool called Pattern for running machine learning models on Hadoop clusters. When combined with its SQL tool called Lingual, users can move data from one stage to another easily.

Concurrent gets $4M for higher-level Hadoop

Cascading proprietor Concurrent has secured $4 million in venture capital in order to advance its efforts toward easing the development of big data applications.

Meet the combo powering Hadoop at Etsy, Airbnb and Climate Corp.

Etsy, Airbnb and the Climate Corporation are all using a combination of Cascading and Amazon Elastic MapReduce to make creating Hadoop jobs as simple as possible. But they’re not the only options for doing so — simplifying Hadoop usage is big business in the IT world.

How Etsy handcrafted a big data strategy

E-commerce site Etsy has grown to 25 million unique visitors and 1.1 billion page views per month, and it’s generating the data volumes to match. Using tools such as Hadoop and Splunk, Etsy is turning terabytes of data per day into a better product.

Concurrent raises $900K to make Hadoop easier

Concurrent, the company providing the Cascading data workflow API, has raised a $900,000 seed round to capitalize on the newfound excitement around Hadoop. Cascading is an open-source API for creating and running data workflows atop Hadoop clusters.