iPhone 5 cases hit AT&T stores, suggest design changes

AT&T retail stores are reportedly taking delivery of iPhone 5 cases a little early, according to a new report. New photos allegedly taken in an AT&T store show cases that back up rumors of a tapered-back design, and a relocated mute switch.

Bamboo Blackbox is an Apple gadget case that can take its lumps

If you’re looking for something a little more rugged than a standard sleeve, check out the Bamboo Blackbox Case on Kickstarter. It comes in iPad 2, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro flavors, and should protect your device from even serious jerks, jolts and dolts.

Joli MacBook Air sleeve review: Luxury, meet luxury

The MacBook Air is a very pretty piece of hardware. For that reason, I’m not too eager to hide it away in just any old sleeve. Can the hand-made leather Joli sleeve match the Air’s sense of style while also providing it with protection?

Sleep with your iPhone? Now you can make it cuddly.

This is Swoop, the “first mobile plush for your iPhone and iPod touch.” Yes, it’s funny, but we do sleep with our phones according to quite a few studies, and that’s a really cute owl. Plus, he’s good with kids and won’t mess up the carpets.

Protect Your iPhone 4 and Add Battery Life With A PowerSkin Case

I’ve dropped enough phones over the years that I’m a big fan of “extreme cases” like the ones that Dave wrote about recently. But if you don’t need quite as much protection, and want extra power, you might want to look into the PowerSkin case.

Review: Kensington KeyFolio Keyboard Case for iPad

I love the iPad, but I miss having a hardware keyboard at hand. You could carry around Apple’s Bluetooth keyboard, but additional devices sort of defeats the purpose. The keyboard case seems like a good alternative. Does Kensington’s KeyFolio live up to the hype?

Play Up Productivity When Pitching Remote Working

If you’d like to work from home but your company doesn’t allow it, why not become the prime mover in a program to see if working from home can’t help boost productivity? It’s easier than ever to make the argument to the decision-makers in your organization.

Video Review: Griffin Standle for iPad

I’ve long been looking for a decent iPad case that can double as a stand. Enter the Griffin Standle: It’s a stand; it’s a handle; it’s a case. But aside from clever naming, how does it stack up? Check out the video for my full review.