Boost Mobile applies a unique spin on the mobile wallet

The Sprint prepaid brand is testing out a financial services app that allows you to pay bills, transfer funds and cash checks within a mobile app. For physical transactions, Boost is supplying a prepaid Visa card.

Wal-Mart takes cash for online purchases

For many people without a credit or debit card, it has been hard to make online purchases from Now, the retailer is taking a big step to address this audience by accepting cash payments for online goods, letting people come into the stores to pay.

PayNearMe launches a mobile cash payment system

PayNearMe, a cash payment system that lets users pay for online purchases, bills and bus tickets at 7-Eleven stores, is now offering a fully mobile payment option. Users who don’t have a card can complete their purchases without having to print out anything.

Apple to spend $45B of cash on dividend, share buyback

After being nagged about it for years by Wall Street, Apple on Monday said it has decided to cut into its significant cash reserves by offering a dividend of $2.65 per share each quarter, starting with the company’s fourth fiscal quarter of 2012, July 1.

Tim Cook’s vision for Apple, and its cash

At Goldman Sachs’ investor conference Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook gave some rare color on how he views not only his own job as Steve Jobs’ successor, but also his views on the company’s $98 billion cash pile.

Is Apple ready to issue a dividend?

With $100B in cash, there have been quite a few whispers about an Apple dividend, starting when Tim Cook officially become CEO. But after years of wishful thinking on the part of longtime investors in Apple, it’s starting to look like it could actually happen soon.

Apple “actively discussing” what to do with $98B cash pile

Steve Jobs wouldn’t hear of a dividend or share buyback. But under the Tim Cook regime, it appears things might change. Apple hasn’t made plans public of what it will do with its $97.6 billion in cash, but the company is currently discussing the matter internally.