Cashboard Unveils Dynamic Pricing Structure

logoOne of the annoying things about a lot of the web apps we cover is that as the size of your team or number of clients changes, you have to keep upgrading or downgrading your plan. So it’s refreshing to see that Cashboard, an invoicing and time-tracking app we’ve covered previously, has just unveiled a dynamic pricing structure that can adjust as your requirements change. The plan costs a base level of $10 per month, with one employee and one active invoiced client included. Thereafter, each additional active employee costs $5 per month, while each additional active client invoiced costs 25 cents.

Not only does this mean that you no longer have to upgrade or downgrade plans as your client base or team changes size, but it’s also cheaper than comparable offerings from competing products like Harvest and Freshbooks. Hopefully, other web apps will take note and follow suit.

What do you think of Cashboard’s move to dynamic pricing?

CurdBee Could Be The Billing Service For You

CurdBeeThere are a multitude of invoicing options available for the web worker, and we have covered our share of them. A new entry that just crossed my desk is the oddly named CurdBee.

I gave CurdBee a quick run through and found that it covers the basics of invoicing and payment reasonably well. I was able to get up and running quickly and found it easy to get test clients and service items entered for my first invoices. It hooks into Paypal Standard and Google Checkout for payment processing and also supports multiple currencies.

Be aware that there are no time tracking features and the overall functionality is sparse compared to more fully featured services like FreshBooks or Cashboard. It is also missing a lot of the nice “usability touches” that a more established product will typically have.

But if your needs are simple and you just need to send out quick invoices to your clients, CurdBee might be a good option for you. Accounts are currently free with no apparent limitations.

Are you using an online service for your billing? Could CurdBee work for you?

Q&A: Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Jake Lentz

scribe-helmer.jpgWriter Jake Lentz helps craft Jimmy Kimmel’s words for his late-night show monologue every night; Lentz says he prefers the title “scribe-helmer.” His show has been putting out some of the best viral stuff on the web these days — Sarah Silverman’s “I’m [email protected]%king Matt Damon” followed by Kimmel’s “I’m [email protected]%king Ben Affleck” — with a one-uppable formula of celebrity + shocker + going for it full-throttle.

Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s staff is also pretty great at finding clips online and giving them a broader audience; in particular, we remember one about a beauty pageant contestant playing the Star Wars theme on her trumpet that got a ton of play after appearing on Kimmel.

But all this savviness is somewhat isolated from the rest of the web, since ABC rarely offers clips, much less embeddable clips, online. The show’s writers, 30-year-old Lentz admits, are finding other ways to get their bits out there. He doesn’t straight-out admit to seeding clips himself, but it’s pretty clear he knows his way around a YouTube account.

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Working on the reviews as fast as I can

It’s been a slammed week at work, this of course since receiving two of the coolest mobile devices around, the OQO Model 02 and the HTC Advantage.  I have started a dual review of them both and will get it posted as soon as I can.  Honest, I haven’t even had enough time to play with them.  🙁