CBSi chief: Clicker being integrated into

In a video interview backstage at GigaOM RoadMap, CBS Interactive President Jim Lanzone said that community site will be getting a lot more personal by integrating backend technology from Clicker, his former startup. The move follows a bigger strategic focus on video at CBS Interactive.

CBSi Chief: Staying off Hulu was the right strategic decision

CBS was the only major broadcaster not to join the Hulu consortium and make its shows available on the video site. But at GigaOM RoadMap, CBS Interactive president Jim Lanzone said he believed that keeping those videos on its own site was the right strategic decision.

Come see the future of TV at GigaOM RoadMap

GigaOM RoadMap is all about examining how connectedness changes everything around us. CBS Interactive President Jim Lanzone, CEO Bob Bowman and thePlatform CEO Ian Blaine will join us to talk about how content is distributed and consumed thanks to the Internet in an all-digital world.