Over half of American homes don’t have or use their landline

Don’t use your landline? Don’t have a landline? You’re in the majority according to the latest data from the CDC. The agency is tracking the death of landlines to understand how it needs to adapt its phone surveying techniques to counter bias in landline-only surveys.

Vid-Biz: Swine Flu, Sezmi, Nielsen

How to Recognize Swine Flu Symptoms; new video from CDC is among the many posted in response to the outbreak. (YouTube Blog)

Sezmi Aims for a Fall 2009 Commercial Roll Out; launch pushed back six months as the set-top box company optimizes the user experience and ties in with the holiday season. (VideoNuze)

Nielsen: People Aren’t Using Our TV Ratings Equipment Properly; company says that the more people present in TV ratings households, the more likely they aren’t reporting accurately; national TV ratings could have been understated by 8 percent. (MediaPost)

Sony’s Crackle Launching Two New Web Series This Year; from Kevin James comes the stuntman comedy Dusty Peacock; the other series is The Bannen Way, about a con man. The site is also adding 100 guy-oriented movies from Sony like Spider-Man 2 and Stripes. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Slate Takes on Hulu; comedic bit pokes fun at the site’s ad options. (SlateV)