Clarifying net neutrality

What the Comcast deal really reinforces is what an awkward poster child for the cause of net neutrality Netflix has always been, even when it volunteers for the part.

Yottaa gets $9M to speed up more websites

Yottaa, the startup which aims to accelerate website performance, netted $9 million in Series B funding from existing investors General Catalyst Partners, Stata Venture Partners and Cambridge West Ventures as well as some new-but-unnamed backers. That company will use the new funding to bankroll customer recruitment..

Worried you’ll outgrow the cloud? You’re not alone.

If you think about it, Netflix’s metamorphosis into a company that runs its infrastructure completely atop cloud-based resources is truly remarkable. For many companies, such as site-optimization and CDN provider Yottaa, the bigger they get, the harder it is to justify the cloud’s cost and performance.

Which cloud and CDN is best for you? Ask Cedexis

A new visual dashboard by Cedexis provides a glimpse into what clouds and content delivery networks are performing best at a given point in time. Cedexis’ aims to help content owners pick the best infrastructure for their cloud workload on an ongoing basis.

Carriers must prepare for the flood of online video

It’s no secret that we’re watching more online videos. What’s not so well understood is just how dramatically this consumption will soon increase — and the pain that is going to inflict on Internet service providers. Alon Maor, the CEO of Qwilt, offers his solution.

Cisco powers video in the cloud with new Videoscape products

Cisco’s new Videoscape products announced at the 2012 CES will provide more functionality both for managing assets in the cloud, as well as new client-based technology for a wider range of connected devices. That will add new immersive features for pay TV subscribers.

Akamai, CDNs face ‘hyperconnected’ world of devices

The exploding number of devices sucking up rich content poses a challenge for CDN players like Akamai, which previewed technologies to address this issue at a customer event. In this “hyperconnected” era, any device that can be connected is connected, said Akamai Chief Scientist Tom Leighton.

Microsoft’s VidLab Shares Its Tricks to Killing Latency

Uploading video to the web can be a painfully long process even with a high-speed connection. I spoke with Shane Russell of Microsoft’s VidLab, who shared with me how his team delivers content to the Zune Marketplace and the Xbox LIVE service while slashing network latency.