Nokia ringtone during violin solo yields classical improv

How ubiquitous is Nokia’s iconic ringtone? An easy but inadvisable way to find out is to leave your phone’s ringer on during a concert recital and see what happens when a call comes in. See how Slovakian violinist Lukas Kmit deftly handled the situation.

India’s “missed call” mobile ecosystem

Imagine you want to use your cell phone to, say, order take-out food but you don’t want to pay for making the call, or a text message. The answer to that ultra-low cost question is India’s fascinating growth of the “missed call” ecosystem.

For the energy of the Internet, look to the end devices

A common misperception is that the bulk of the energy consumption associated with the Internet and connected-computing comes from massive data centers. In reality, the billions of end devices — computers, set-top-boxes — are currently the bigger and more wasteful culprits.

How Green Is Your iPhone, Anyway?

Was Steve Job’s pledge three years ago to make Apple greener, a bit of greenwashing or a seriously eco-undertaking? According to the folks at Geekaphone, a little bit of both.

Sprint Launches Green Android Phone

Sprint launched the fourth green-themed phone for its customers and its first eco-friendly Android phone. Called the Replenish and made by Samsung, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse showed off the device during an event with the Commonwealth Club on Friday afternoon in downtown San Francisco.

Samsung Reclaim: Eco-friendly Cell Phone

Since I now have an iPod touch that can get a Wi-Fi signal from my Overdrive hotspot, when I lost my venerable Treo 755p, I decided to see if I could do without a smartphone — and the expensive monthly plan that most of them require.

The Ultimate Cell Phone Plan Comparison

Last week, Verizon discounted their voice plans. AT&T came out its own cheaper offerings. The two were simply matching what Sprint and T-Mobile USA have already been offering — cheap voice. BillShrink put together a graphical over view of all the cellphone plans. Check it out.

Apple iPhone Tops Mobile Phone Industry in the U.S.

If you live in the U.S. and own a mobile phone, it’s most likely an iPhone, according to a new study conducted by Nielsen. From January through October of this year, Apple’s little wonder device was the most popular phone in the country.