Apple Surpasses Nokia as Most Profitable Cell Phone Maker

iPhone3GS-2Despite controlling a much smaller share of the market, Apple (s aapl) is now much more profitable than Nokia (s nok), overtaking the handset maker as the most lucrative company in the business of selling cell phones. Apple also overtook Samsung during the last financial quarter, so it actually jumped from third to first place overall among global cell phone companies.

Research firm Strategy Analytics (via Reuters) points out that while Apple is now the most profitable company in the cell phone industry, both Nokia and Samsung both still beat the Cupertino company in terms of sheer size. That’s especially good news for Apple, which makes much more on a per-unit basis than any other mobile phone maker. It makes approximately $320 pure profit on each iPhone sold, according to Strategy Analytics. Read More about Apple Surpasses Nokia as Most Profitable Cell Phone Maker

Do You Need a Landline?

2697847277_7ff7f9d36fMy cell phone number is on my business card. It’s the only number I ever give out. It makes sense, because I’m routinely not in my home office when someone calls me; if I want a client to be able to reach me, my cell phone is the best bet.

Many web workers rely on their cell phones for work these days and some have even moved to handling their phone calls entirely through their computers, with services like Skype. There are plenty of ways to do without a landline at this point, which leads us to the question of whether it’s even necessary to pay for a telephone line anymore. Read More about Do You Need a Landline?

AT&T Specifies iPhone MMS Go-Live Date


AT&T (s att) customers can finally get their multimedia messaging on come the end of September, according to a company spokesman speaking to TUAW’s Mel Martin today. The official go-live date is Sept. 25, which falls only a tad short of the company’s original late summer prediction for the service.

Spokesman Brad Mays ascribes the lateness of MMS’ arrival to the unmatched size of AT&T’s iPhone user base. The U.S. provider does have far more subscribers than any other carrier globally, and its network has shown signs of strain already. No doubt significant infrastructure build or reconfiguration was required to enable MMS support. Read More about AT&T Specifies iPhone MMS Go-Live Date

Shut Up and Drive! How to Identify — and Deal With — Cell Phone Abuse

crackberryA hundred bucks to the first person who’s never abused their cell phone. And by “abused” I mean let it interfere with productivity, a relationship, or even dinner. I’ll wait. Om? Steve? Anyone?
Didn’t think so.
Although cell phone abuse is not classified as a medical condition, doctors admit it’s a widespread problem. “The overwhelming majority of cell phone users — if not all of them — let the phone interfere with their life,” says Dr. Lisa Merlo, professor of psychology at the University of Florida. “Of course, the severity of interference varies greatly among users, but interestingly, many of these individuals did not notice such interference when they were using a ‘regular’ cell phone.”
In other words, when they weren’t using a so-called smartphone. But the number of “regular” cell phones is waning fast. According to Amy Storey, director of public affairs for CTIA, the number of data-capable phones has doubled since 2005 to account for more than 88 percent of all mobiles today, meaning that abuse is more prevalent than ever. Houston, do we have a problem? Read More about Shut Up and Drive! How to Identify — and Deal With — Cell Phone Abuse

What AT&T Has to Fear From Google Voice

AT&TLately, Google (s goog) Voice is perhaps one of the most widely discussed products in the Apple (s aapl) blogosphere besides Apple’s own native devices. With its rejection from the App Store and people pointing fingers at Apple, AT&T (s att), Steve Jobs and just about everyone and everything else in between, new evidence put forth by Andy Kessler and The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) directs blame squarely at AT&T. Rightfully so. Read More about What AT&T Has to Fear From Google Voice

EU Set to See Single Charging Interface for All Cell Phones, Apple On Board


In a surprising move, Apple (s aapl) has signed on with a handful of other major mobile device manufacturers to end the madness of proprietary charging interfaces and agreed to one standard for all, according to Reuters. That’s in Europe, anyway, although there’s hope that the agreement could result in more cross-compatibility on this side of the Atlantic, too.

Along with Apple, five other cell phone manufacturers have agreed to the deal put forward by the European Commission, which is not binding and instead depends on voluntary cooperation from the private sector. The other five companies are Sony Ericsson (s sne), Nokia (s nok), Research In Motion (s rimm), Motorola (s mot) and Samsung, which means that Apple basically had to toe the line or risk looking like the villain in a field of heroes. Hopefully no one breaks rank, since that could result in the agreement becoming insubstantial. Read More about EU Set to See Single Charging Interface for All Cell Phones, Apple On Board

Talk to Your Email, and Have Your Email Talk Back

logoAs a web worker, I’m typically attached to my laptop. But there are times when using the computer isn’t particularly practical, like when I’m driving. Checking my email on the road is significantly easier if I don’t have to type anything — such as with Voice on the Go. The service allows you to check email, schedule appointments, send text messages and complete many other tasks just by placing a call on your cell phone. Read More about Talk to Your Email, and Have Your Email Talk Back

Should Talking on Cell Phones While Driving be Banned?

Do you ever make business or personal calls on your cell phone while driving? If so, you may want to pay close attention to a campaign launched this week by the National Safety Council (NSC) to prohibit even turning on a phone while behind the wheel.

The organization sent letters to governors and legislative leaders in all 50 states, urging them to make the ban part of their motor-vehicle laws. This idea goes way beyond the efforts that have taken place in many states and cities to ban drivers from texting and using handheld phones. The NSC says that dozens of studies have found that using a hands-free phone while driving is no safer than using a handheld one. It’s a distraction issue, and the group says studies show that about 6 percent of all traffic fatalities are caused at least in part by drivers not paying attention while on the phone.

This shouldn’t be taken lightly. This is from a big organization with lobbying clout, the same group that devised the “click it or ticket” slogan, adopted in many places to warn drivers to follow the law and buckle up.
The AAA motor club, another group with influence, has a campaign of its own to educate drivers to the fact that using a hands-free phone isn’t safer than using a handheld. But AAA hasn’t endorsed the safety council’s more radical position.

What do you think of a ban on using a cell phone while driving?

Fix Our Broken iPhones

It is indeed a wonderful little device, but you know all those little niggles we have about the iPhone? Like, the lack of landscape e-mailing, the omission of Flash-support and video-recording or hiding those pesky unused apps?
Now there’s a special place for all you disgruntled folk who want a little more from your iPhone, there’s even a chance that Jobs (or one of his minions) might be listening. The site is called Please Fix The iPhone, it’s open for business right now and optimized for iPhone too (naturally).
The idea is that you visit the site, look through a big list of iPhone problems and vote for whatever you want to be fixed. There’s no registration and voting up a problem takes a single click. Furthermore, you can add your own iPhone fix requests too. Top of the list at the moment seems to be, “Copy and paste,” closely followed by, “Ability to view Flash content in Safari.”

Another Cell Phone Health Worry

Well, even if cell phones won’t fry your brain like popcorn, there’s something new to worry about: “mobile phone dermatitis.” According to the British Association of Dermatologists, as reported by Reuters, there’s enough nickel in many popular mobile devices to cause a reaction in sensitive users. If you get an otherwise inexplicable rash on your face or ear, they say, you should suspect your cell phone.
Apparently the risk is higher for women, who have more tendency to develop nickel sensitivity due to jewelry. The dermatologists cite some published studies in urging their members to take this possibility into account. They also tested a bunch of popular phones to find out which ones were risky: affected models include the Motorola Rzr and Q, the BlackBerry 8700c, and some Sony Ericsson models. The BlackBerry Pearl, Palm Treo 650, and Kyocera KX444 were among those with a clean bill of health.
Read More about Another Cell Phone Health Worry