Who the Frack is “Fred?”

Sometimes I just feel so…out of touch. Who is “Fred” and why is he so freaking huge on YouTube? Seriously. He has four of the site’s top 20 videos this month, attracting a total of more than 12.7 million plays. Of the 16 videos he’s posted, only three have not cracked the one million-play mark (and one of those three was just added today).

Watch his latest video and please explain what, exactly, is going on?

So the key to being a YouTube phenomenon is to be a mop-headed eighth grader who talks like Alvin and the Chipmunks and mugs for the camera?

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Reader question: Q1P purchase, Vista or XP Tablet?

Vista_desktop_basic_1Russ dropped us note and asked us to help with his Q1P purchase decision. Since you can currently purchase the Q1P with XP Tablet Edition 2005 or with Vista, he’s wondering which he should get. His specific question here might shed some light:

"I am looking to really utilize the handwriting features for meeting notes, etc…  I was wondering how well the handwriting works in vista versus XP tablet edition and i was curious as to which version you would purchase in regards to vista or tablet edition? Are there any major differences in operating capabilites, handwriting recognition, etc… that would make you lean one way or another? I really liked the vista origami experience but could live without if the handwriting in a tablet form was not as good in vista."

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Bells Setback in Texas IPTV Battle

Baby Bells plans to offer IPTV in Texas had a bit of setback, when Texas State Senate rejected a proposed legislation that would have allowed Verizon and SBC to fast track their IPTV services by signing a single statewide video franchise agreement, instead of negotiating with individual cities. The cable guys on the other hand, have negotiated franchise agreements with cities and municipalities. Texas’ house of representatives had cleared the way for a state wide franchise. I still think IPTV is a political hairball, which is going to cause a lot of problems in the near term.