By 2013, it will be a smartphone-majority world

Smartphone sales are expected to hit 54 percent of all cell phone sales by 2013, according to new projections from IHS. That is two years faster than previous projections and shows just how big the market is becoming thanks to low-cost handsets and more smartphone adoption.

Pro golfer doesn’t want to let cell phones play through

Golfer Phil Mickelson withdrew from The Memorial Tournament this weekend, and apparently cell phones –or people snapping pictures with them β€” were to blame. The bigger story is one of cell phones, etiquette and sporting events β€” something the Summer Olympics will bring to the fore.

With Apple and Nokia at war, nano-SIM vote is postponed

With Apple and Nokia at each others’ throats over control over the upcoming nano-SIM standard for mobile phones, the ruling body that was set to decide between them has instead postponed its vote for at least a month.

The top 10 trends from the year’s big smart grid show

One of the year’s largest smart grid conferences — DistribuTECH — closes today in San Antonio, Texas. It’s like the CES for utilities, power companies and the vendors that are trying to sell them stuff. Here are the top 10 trends I took away.