The next generation of Wi-Fi hotspots is coming

The Wi-Fi Alliance will begin certifying devices under its new Passport initiative, which ensures that mobile phones can log into Wi-Fi networks seamlessly. Now it’s the Wireless Broadband Alliance’s turn to take over, integrating those devices and the access points into the mobile operator’s network.

Apple’s blanket bloatware ban as strong as ever

Apple is nowhere near relaxing its strict rules for carrier partners, according to Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo. Negotiations to bring the the iPhone to Japan’s largest cellular network operator have hit an impasse since Apple won’t back down on a rule against pre-installing software on devices.

iPhones and iPads drive Softbank’s explosive Q1 profits

In case anyone doubts the power of Apple’s devices to lift the fortunes of its cellular network operator partners, Softbank’s newly reported fiscal first-quarter results should prove convincing. The Japanese carrier saw a nearly five-fold jump in profits compared to the same period last year.