2013: The year carriers choose whether Wi-Fi is friend or foe

Will 2013 see carriers eyeing their Wi-Fi offload strategies with suspicion? As consumers turn more to ubiquitous Wi-Fi networks, will that threaten carrier’s data revenue, and if so, what will carriers do about that? Expect a subtle war to control Wi-Fi in the coming year.

Does the internet of things need its own internet?

Mobile operators believe their networks will enjoy a second life as the backbone of the internet of things, but a French startup Sigfox begs to differ. It’s building a dedicated network in France designed to connect objects and machines, not people.

WebRTC could be a weapon for innovative carriers

WebRTC is positioned to be a major disruption in mobile as web-based apps gain traction. But traditional mobile network operators should be considering ways to make WebRTC a weapon in their battle against OTT service providers.

Wi-Fi’s annoying little secret: Not all Wi-Fi is created equal

We love Wi-Fi, but we don’t always understand it. Just because we have a Wi-Fi connection doesn’t mean we’ll get the same awesome experience we get at home or in our offices. Here’s why your airplane or Amtrak Wi-Fi is both pricey and slow.

Defcon’s NinjaTel cell network could solve real-world problems

The Defcon security and hacker conference in Las Vegas is home to a unique cell network built using GSM and Wi-Fi. The private network was built for fun, but it could have a serious purpose when governments try to lock down cellular communications.