Virgin Media, Savvis vow ‘jargon-free’ cloud

Virgin Media is using Savvis to launch business-oriented cloud services–minus the tech double talk–through its Virgin Media Business subsidiary. The company–which already offers broadband, fixed-line and mobile phone services to customers–promises jargon-free service to businesses that want to quickly test in-house applications or launch e-commerce services.

Verizon furnishes cloud for Aussie telecom

Global Gossip, an Australian telcom that specializes in internet access, chose Verizon’s Computing-as-a-Service as the engine for its cloud offering going forward. Verizon CaaS, sold by Verizon Global Wholesale, is just one of several Verizon cloud options after the company’s buying spree.

Internap CEO: Not shopping the company

Internap, which till recently was in the business of providing interconnections and co-location services, started offering data center services and that has made it a likely target as telecoms eye buying into the fast growing datacenter business and tap into the cloud-computing gold rush.

Why big apps require big bandwidth

Web applications that are deployed in one or a few data centers can watch their bandwidth costs exceed their server and hosting costs as their applications scale up, according to a paper looking at what telecommunications companies can offer as cloud providers.

Why Buying Savvis Makes Perfect Sense for CenturyLink

Hot on the heels of its Qwest acquisition, CenturyLink plans to buy Savvis, the data center provider. The $3.2 billion deal mirrors the $1.4 billion Terremark buy that Verizon completed earlier this month as telecommunications providers buy their way into providing cloud and managed hosting services.

Bye, Bye Qwest and Hello Cloud!

The merger between CenturyLink and Qwest officially closed today, creating the nation’s third largest phone company in a world where being a phone company means less and less. I spoke with a company executive about making cloud acquisitions and the ever-growing demand for bandwidth.

Embarq and CenturyTel Merge, Become CenturyLink

logoNewCenturyTel and Embarq today announced the completion of their $11.6 billion merger, which results in a phone company that will serve 7.5 million customers in 33 states. The combined company will now be known as CenturyLink (s CTL) — and the aging copper-based DSL lines it offers to most of its subscribers will certainly act as a link to the previous century for customers of the new entity. As part of the FCC approval for the merger, the agency imposed several conditions on the combined company, presumably to ensure that consolidation doesn’t hurt consumers. Read More about Embarq and CenturyTel Merge, Become CenturyLink