Can LTE-broadcast dam the mobile video deluge?

By multicasting popular content over cellular networks, carriers figure they can conserve valuable 4G capacity. But as consumers use their smartphones and tablets to personalize their multimedia consumption, the ship may have already sailed on multicast’s potential.

Want a sub-$500 Windows 8 tablet? Look to Dell.

Looking for a Windows 8 slate on the cheap? Dell removed the active digitizer and swappable battery from its Latitude 10 tablet for an Essentials model that starts at $499. Aimed at educators and students, the tablet is much less than Microsoft’s $899 Surface Pro.

FCC set to release more spectrum to feed our need for Wi-Fi

FCC chairman Julius Genachowski is opening a proceeding to clear 195 MHz of new 5 GHz spectrum for Wi-Fi use. The allocation would be the biggest bonanza of new unlicensed airwaves since 2003 and would help bring about new gigabit wireless technologies.

After a rocky road, Pebble smart watch to ship on Jan. 23

It was a long time coming, but the Pebble e-paper watch is finally shipping after a few months of delays. The e-paper watch works with phones running iOS and Android, lasting a week per charge. Two new sensors are inside the Pebble to provide extra functions.

Redbox Instant CEO: Netflix was wrong to sideline DVDs

Don’t count out DVDs just yet: That was one of the key messages that Redbox Instant by Verizon CEO Shawn Strickland had for a select group of reporters Wednesday. Strickland said that Netflix’s decision to sideline DVDs was a mistake.

Why Broadcom wants to be the smarts in your next smartphone

Broadcom is generally known for its wireless technology prowess, but don’t be surprised to see the company be the chip that puts the smarts in your smartphone or tablet. It signed a licensing agreement with ARM to design and build powerful application processors on Tuesday.