Japan Power & Auto Bigwigs Link for Quick-Charge Tech

Five of Japan’s heavyweights in the auto and power industries — Toyota (s TM), Nissan (s NSANY), Mitsubishi Motors, Fuji Heavy Industries and Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), the country’s largest utility — have joined forces to try and speed the adoption of a standard quick-charging system for electric vehicles.
Each of these companies has some skin in the electric car game, and the firms announced a partnership this morning dubbed the CHAdeMO Association. As explained in today’s release, CHAdeMO (an abbreviation of “charge for moving,” as well as a pun translated to, “Let’s have a tea while charging”) is also the trade name for the quick-charging system that the group is proposing as a global industry standard.
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EV Charging In China: ECOtality Secures $300M Credit Line From Chinese Partner

ECOtality’s executives better start practicing their Mandarin — China is fast becoming a major focus for the company. The Scottsdale, Ariz.-based charging infrastructure company, which says it was mentioned in Obama’s State of the Union address, announced Monday that its Chinese partner, Shenzhen Goch Investment, has just landed a $1.5 billion credit line, and that Shenzen Goch has committed $300 million of that credit line to finance sales of ECOtality’s electric vehicle (EV) charging systems to utilities, governments, and commercial and retail clients around the world.   
The credit line, offered by the China Construction Bank, will allow ECOtality to finance vehicle charging projects for its customers and reduce the upfront capital they otherwise would have needed to invest to get the projects moving. That, in turn, “will accelerate EV adoption worldwide,” CEO Jonathan Read said in a statement. Read said the deal would provide ECOtality with the capital needed “to become the dominant player in the EV marketplace with no current dilution to our shareholders.”
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WinMo Wrap: Xbox Games Coming to WinMo?

The week marches on and today being Saturday means it is time to recap the recent happenings in the world of Windows Mobile. The end of the year has seen things quiet on the Windows Mobile front, although Microsoft (s msft) is looking to fill some jobs that may change that this year. Reports show several job listings for xbox and WinMo that looks to integrate the two platforms, turning Windows Mobile into a mobile gaming platform. Microsoft is looking for a program manager and some software engineers to bring Xbox Live games to Windows Mobile. Game on.

LG has released a pico projector option for the eXpo phone on AT&T (s t) running Windows Mobile. The projector add-on snaps onto the back of the eXpo to project the screen onto a flat surface. The projected image is 480×320 and can be used to watch movies or make presentations with Mobile Powerpoint. An add-on gadget like this projector makes a lot of sense for business travelers, with the ability to make a quick presentation right in the pocket.