Justice Department slams Apple, refuses to modify e-book settlement

The Justice Department today answered 868 public comments it received in response to a controversial settlement over alleged price-fixing between Apple and publishers. The Department said it will not change the terms of the deal — and effectively told its critics to jump in the lake.

The Justice Department thinks different

The thrust of the Justice Department’s two recent antitrust investigations is the same in each: to see whether incumbent media providers are abusing their dominant positions within traditional distribution chains to squelch competition arising from new, digital distribution chains.

National database aims to catch smartphone thieves

The feds teamed up with law enforcement and the wireless industry to curb the theft of cellphones by essentially rendering the devices useless once pilfered and fingering the thieves if they try to re-activate them. Their plan: A new database that will track stolen phones.

New York protest takes PIPA/SOPA fight to senators

Members of New York’s tech community, a couple thousand strong, braved the winter chill and gathered outside the offices of New York senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand to protest the PIPA and SOPA legislation Wednesday, calling it a potentially crippling set of bills.