Netflix CEO: We Almost Didn’t Do the Starz Deal

Reed Hasting’s original deal with the premium cable network Starz is widely seen as a steal, securing Netflix the right to stream major studio content for reportedly just $30 million a year. But at the time Hastings made the deal, he almost pulled out last minute.

Verizon CEO Seidenberg’s Words of Entrepreneurial Wisdom

seidenberg_picIvan Seidenberg, the CEO of Verizon (s VZ), appeared on “The Charlie Rose Show” yesterday talking about the communication company’s plans for global growth, network neutrality and the role of government. For the record, Verizon plans to build out its wireless business internationally within the next 5-10 years, and about one-third of that growth will be through acquisitions. However according to Seidenberg, any buys will wait until pesky regulatory hurdles such as buying an individual wireless license on a per-country basis are taken care of by regional consolidation.

His position on network neutrality was in line with most carriers. He stressed that Verizon has every right to create and deliver content over its pipes. He also said the role of government was primarily to step back and let the capital markets do their thing, but that if it wanted to boost IT spending by mandating electronic health records, Verizon is cool with that.

But it was Seidenberg’s quote about the need for an executive to always be looking ahead that stuck with me. Read More about Verizon CEO Seidenberg’s Words of Entrepreneurial Wisdom