Sheen vs. Kutcher: Guess who was #winning?

Comedy Central heavily promoted its Roast of Charlie Sheen on Twitter, and it looks like the bet may have paid off: Twitter users commented more than twice as much about the roast than about the season debut of his former show Two and a Half Men.

Charlie Sheen’s Korner Already Raking In the Dough

Charlie Sheen is making “six figures” with his sponsored tweets, and his appearances on Ustream attract hundreds of thousands of views, despite the lack of any regular schedule. However, the future of his Ustream show is unclear: Sheen said yesterday that the show is for sale.

What Startups Can Learn From Celebrity Meltdowns

Two and a Half Men lead character Charlie Sheen’s very public meltdown should be a cautionary tale for everyone, especially start-ups. Why? Because spoiled-star syndrome can take down and unravel companies as quickly as hit television shows. And what’s worse – it impacts others.