Google to merge Hangouts, Talk & Messenger

Google has Google Talk for text, voice and video chats, Hangouts for group video conferencing and Messenger for mobile messaging. All of these properties could one day merge into a more unified experience, the Google+ Hangouts team said at Google I/O Wednesday.

Hangouts become centerpiece of Google’s developer outreach

Google launched a new section of its developer site called Google Developers Live Tuesday that aims to be a central destination for third-party developers in need of help with their projects. The effort hinges on Google+ Hangouts, the company’s popular group video chat platform.

Video: Google’s big plans for Hangouts On Air

Google is working on turning its Hangouts video chat platform into a collaborative live streaming product that will give everyone the ability to stream their Hangout sessions to an unlimited number of viewers. Check out our interview with Google Engineering Director Chee Chew for details.