Handset Market Decline May Soon Affect Carriers

cimg1027As people in the U.S continue to line up for mobile phone launches, the rest of the handset market is looking pretty grim. Optimistic news about the BlackBerry Storm is akin to Restylane in an aging actress — a plastic filler that hides signs of decay underneath. Today Samsung said that the handset market won’t achieve the 9 percent growth it anticipated for 2008 back in June, and pointed to a lackluster 2009. James Chung, a spokesman for Samsung, told Reuters the electronics giant was looking at single-digit or (the mathematically impossible) “negative growth” for next year. Read More about Handset Market Decline May Soon Affect Carriers

How the Recession Will Affect Wireless Data Spending

The recession won’t cut too deeply into wireless data spending in the U.S., according to data sent over last night by Chetan Sharma of Chetan Sharma Contulting. Sharma concludes that the rise in consumer smart phones mean that data spending by consumers will offset cuts in plans caused by increased job loss and data subscriptions paid for by the employer.

“Wireless Broadband: Conflict and Convergence”

Those of you that joined us at our recent Mobilize conference are likely to remember Chetan Sharma, president of the mobile-focused firm Chetan Sharma Consulting and occasional contributor to GigaOM, who moderated two of our panels. Next week will see the release of Chetan’s sixth book, “Wireless Broadband: Conflict and Convergence.” Co-written with wireless industry pioneer Vern Fotheringham, this look at the future of mobile broadband is part of the IEEE Series on Digital and Mobile Communications. For more info, see Chetan’s own blog post.