Gumroad raises $7M to make selling online dead simple

Sahil Lavingia, a 19-year-old app designer behind Pinterest and, has built a simple service called Gumroad that lets anyone monetize a link without having to set up their own store. The company announced it has raised $7 million three months after launching.

Chirpify raises $1.3 million, expands Twitter payment platform

Chirpify, a payment platform that uses Twitter to conduct transactions, announced it has raised $1.3 million in a Series A round and is finding good traction from Fortune 500 companies. It is also expanding the platform to include the sale of digital goods.

Chirpify turns Twitter into a payment and commerce platform

Chirpify, a Portland, Oregon, startup, is unveiling its Twitter commerce platform today, an all-in-one tool that taps PayPal and allows users to monetize their tweets. The company said it’s the first one to turn Twitter into a direct sales channel.