Open vs. Closed: What Does Open Really Mean?

The launch of Facebook’s open graph protocol is fueling the debate over whether it is better to be open vs. closed. But the ultimate answer may be that it depends. Being open can benefit a company in some ways, while being closed is better in others.

Why We Need an Open “Like” Standard

Facebook wants to extend its social graph throughout the web, via social plugins and a billion “Like” buttons, but not everyone is convinced that this is a good thing. The “Open Like” project is an attempt at an alternative, with an open standard that deserves support.

Do Location Apps Need to Show Users the Money?

Location-based services such as Foursquare have become so popular that rumors have been swirling the company might be acquired for $100 million. But angel investor and startup advisor Dave McClure says such services will have to show users the money in order to achieve mass appeal.

Today in Social

Adding to this week’s discussion on the future of the news industry is this exploration, by Hunch cofounder Chris Dixon, of the power dynamics between news producers and Google. But I want to hear what you think; please post your thoughts beneath my weekly column.