5 low-profile startups that could change the face of big data

The great thing about big data is that there’s still plenty of room for new blood, especially for companies that want to leave infrastructure in the rearview mirror. At this point, the data-infrastructure space, including Hadoop, is well-funded and nearly saturated, but it also needs help.

Cloudera founder’s new project shows Hadoop’s future

Cloudera founder Christophe Bisciglia launched a new company today called Odiago, whose WibiData product utilizes Hadoop and HBase to let businesses make the most of online user data. Big-name investors aside, under the covers WibiData shows the future of how Hadoop-based products will look.

Google Cloud At Work For NSF, Academia

Christophe Bisciglia, Senior Software Engineer at Google, talks to NewTeeVee’s Chris Albrecht at our Structure 08 conference and discusses how Google is bring cloud computing to academia including the National Science Foundation.

Google gives academics and students at some of the largest universities around the planet access to massive resources for academic quest and experiments, Bisciglia says in this chat. In February 2008, Google announced that it was working with National Science Foundation and IBM on the Cluster Exploratory (CluE) that would enable, “academic research community to conduct experiments and test new theories and ideas using a large-scale, massively distributed computing cluster.” Check out the video below the fold. Read More about Google Cloud At Work For NSF, Academia