Google to close down Russian engineering operations

Google is closing its Russian engineering office, according to a report in The Information.

Google’s Russian engineers will be offered jobs in other countries or in other departments, the Financial Times noted. The company is not saying why it is shutting its Moscow engineering office, which focuses on Chrome OS and the Chrome Web Store, but it said in a statement: “We are deeply committed to our Russian users and customers and we have a dedicated team in Russia working to support them.”

The move follows a series of new restrictions on internet activity in the country, ranging from requirements for popular bloggers to register themselves and abide by censorship limitations, to requirements for Wi-Fi hotspot users to log on with personal ID.

Perhaps most pertinently — unless the department’s shuttering is purely for business reasons — [company]Google[/company] has been ordered to store the data of its Russian users in Russian data centers, and also to comply with the bloggers register law. Russia’s security services have previously urged the use of locally developed encryption in the country’s data centers, suggesting that the move is tied to a desire to be able to access citizens’ personal information.

Boom! Google integrates Chrome apps into the Mac OS X Finder

Google’s long-term Chrome strategy to take over your desktop is making more progression. Chrome can now associate local Mac files with Google Chrome apps in the Finder if you have Chrome Canary installed and enable an experimental feature.

Cord Cutters: Using Chrome as a Google TV remote

Second screens don’t have to always be tablets: A new Chrome extension called Chromemote turns your computer’s browser into a remote control for any Google TV device. Especially neat and useful: You can fling websites you’ve opened on your laptop to your TV.

Chrome Web Store Goes Global, Unveils In-App Payments

Google rolled out two new updates to its Chrome Web Store to allow application developers to reach more people — and make more money. Developers can enable simple in-app payments with one line of code, with Google taking only a 5-percent share of the revenue.

Google’s Chrome OS Extends Battle With Apple

Google pulled the curtain back further still on Chrome OS at its event today. Chrome OS takes many cues from Google’s success with its Android mobile operating system, so don’t be surprised if it leads to more competition for Apple’s platforms and products.