Chromebooks gain interface improvements with new Stable update

The “always new computer” is new yet again: Google is releasing Chrome OS updates for all Chromebooks and users should see the software hit in the next few days. User interface improvements are in there and some key apps are enabled for offline use by default.

New Chromebook brings a little fragmentation to Chrome OS (Updated)

If a web app works on Google’s old Chromebooks, it works on the new one just announced, right? Not exactly: Netflix doesn’t, nor does Bastion, a fun browser-based game. Native code in the browser may require web apps to be recompiled for the new chips.

New 3G Chromebook is $80 more than Wi-Fi model

Google’s new Chromebook debuted in a Wi-Fi only model, leaving many to wonder if there would eventually be a 3G model. Turns out, there already is. Verizon’s 3G network is supported on the $329.99 device and includes 100 MB of monthly data at no extra charge.

Google Play video now works on Chromebooks and Chromeboxes

My two-month Chromebook experience has been so great, I use the Google laptop as a primary device. But one flaw I found last month bothered me: No Google Play video support. The latest ChromeOS update, available now, fixes the problem and I’m happy again.

My iMac and ChromeBook just hooked up. And I like it!

With Google and Apple jockeying for position in the mobile markets, now probably isn’t the best time to try and get the two talking. But that’s just what I did with my 27-inch iMac and my new Google ChromeBook. And guess what? They get along famously!

Why Microsoft’s Metro UI could slowly kill Android

Microsoft’s effort to merge the Windows Phone look and feel with Windows 8 will pay off in the form of causing Google Android to “fade away” says a mobile market watcher. That’s possible because Microsoft — and Apple, as well — have something that Google doesn’t.

Motorola’s LapDock: The next Google ChromeBook?

Google can’t keep fighting against Apple and Microsoft with just Android, when both rivals have a mobile and a desktop system. ChromeOS could be that system for Google, but it’s not a hit yet. What might help? Motorola’s LapDock system to pair up Android and ChromeOS.

Chrome OS: What Is It Good For?

The Cr-48 offers marginal hardware and an imperfect experience, but as Google very clearly stated, this device isn’t going to be sold in the market. The real story to focus on is ChromeOS and what it really means, and who Google is targeting.

The Network Computer Arrives…Finally!

Larry Ellison first touted the idea of network computer in 1995. One of the early believers was Eric Schmidt, then with Sun Microsystems. Today, with the launch of Chrome OS, his line long dream of a network OS, centered around web and net-applications has fine come alive.