Here come the natural gas trucks

Spurred by recent support from the U.S. government and rock-bottom natural gas prices, the big auto makers appear to be getting on board with natural gas-powered vehicles.

5 bets the DOE made that are better than Solyndra

It’s been over a month since the Solyndra news came out, but it’s still dominating. Because it just won’t go away, here’s my top five list of projects that the DOE also backed with loan guarantees and that are showing some early signs of success.

Lithium-Ion Battery Startup ActaCell Gains Partners, Funds

Lithium-ion battery startup ActaCell, which has already raised funds from such high profile groups as, DFJ Mercury and Applied Ventures (Applied Materials venture arm), is out touting over $3 million in newly acquired financing this morning.

From the Harsh Pen of Obama’s Car Czar: “Overhaul”

Steven Rattner, the Obama administration’s so-called Car Czar, has a new book out and he weighs in on the sloppiness of the stimulus funds, the “fad” of green jobs and how the Volt will do nothing for GM’s bottom line. Tell us how you really feel.

Lady Gaga’s Alejandro Premieres on Vevo

The newest music video by pop music sensation/possible crazy person Lady Gaga is a darker spin on her signature “out there” style. While free of product placement (as well as eyeliner) it’s getting a perfectly-executed premiere courtesy of Vevo and YouTube.