New Year’s Thoughts on Casual Gaming

Eric Zimmerman, CEO of Gamelab (creator of the million unit-selling Diner Dash and the upcoming titles Work and Out of Your Mind) shares his thoughts on the year that was, and the year to come:

The big casual gaming news for 2006: “PopCap’s announcement of a $700,000 budget for their latest title: Bookworm Adventures. This is triple the cost of a typical downloadable game, and it signals the raising of the bar in what was once a low-budget sector of the industry.”

The big casual gaming forecast for 2007: “The ‘casual game’ space is currently untenable for publishers and developers, with major portals retaining 60-80% of each downloadable game sale. It’s time for Amazon, Google, or other large entity to shake up the space and provide a more fair pricing structure.”

Nintendo Exchanges Broken Wii Straps, DS Power Supplies

On Friday, Nintendo started a drive to replace broken and faulty wrist straps for their new console, the Wii. This replacement plan was prompted by multiple reports of damaged home equipment and personal injuries caused by over-exuberant players. The manufacturing fault in the straps has caused them to break and make the controllers fly out of players’ hands and into the faces of family and friends… if they’re lucky. Otherwise, the “Wiimote” has been known to damage expensive home theater equipment and other household items. Read More about Nintendo Exchanges Broken Wii Straps, DS Power Supplies

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