Former CIA Director Jim Woolsey Joins Lux Capital

Former CIA Director, and colorful energy security advocate, Jim Woolsey has left greentech firm VantagePoint Venture Partners, and has joined East Coast firm Lux Capital as a partner, focused on investing in energy technologies.

Wikileaks Asks CIA to Stop Spying on It

Wikileaks, the crusading non-profit web site that publishes documents companies and governments don’t want released, is alleging that the U.S. State Department and possibly the CIA have been spying on the group, following them on airplanes and even monitoring their meetings in an Icelandic fish-and-chip restaurant.

Social Network Use in the Office Could Spur Better Enterprise Technology

hand on mouseSocial networking has generally been discouraged in the workplace, with many corporate IT departments blocking access to sites like Facebook and MySpace (s nws) due to privacy concerns. But these efforts are becoming increasingly futile as our lives continue to converge with social networks, analysts at a Gartner symposium said yesterday. Plus, social networking may even help workers “feel valued, a part of a community, and earn the respect of peers.” Privacy concerns surrounding social networks were brought up at our NewNet Bunker Series, where participants debated whether we should keep our data holed up in walled gardens or leave it open for developers to build upon. (Replay the event and read our live-blogging notes on GigaOM Pro, subscription required.) Read More about Social Network Use in the Office Could Spur Better Enterprise Technology

Hey, IT Staff, Get Off My Cloud

[qi:gigaom_icon_cloud-computing] The Central Intelligence Agency “endorses cloud computing, but only internally,” according to an article today at ComputerWorld, which has me thinking it is more likely embracing the concept of delivering IT as a service from a single resource pool espoused by HP (s hpq) rather than the multi-tenant, Amazon (s amzn)-like model of cloud computing. But the article addresses a big potential problem for IT organizations as they move from existing IT service delivery models to a cloud-based one — you need fewer people to manage your gear. Companies like this, but soon-to-be-laid-off systems administrators aren’t keen on it. From the article: Read More about Hey, IT Staff, Get Off My Cloud