Where is Apple’s 30″ LED Cinema Display?

I understand Apple withholding of cool features like FaceTime and bluetooth multitouch trackpads to fuel demand and excite Mac users every few weeks with a new toy, but display technologies are universally exactly the same. So where is a 30″ LED Cinema Display?

Apple Unveils Gorgeous New 27-inch Cinema Display

The Apple Store went down this morning. When it came back up, what should we find but a new 27-inch Cinema Display? The last time Apple refreshed the Cinema Display was 2008 when it unveiled the 24-inch LED model, so it’s been a long time coming.

Apple’s HD Cinema Display: Or, How I Overcame Monitor Envy

apple-cinema-hd-displayIn 1999 I was building websites with UltraDev and Drumbeat. I was playing with DHTML and a cool new thing called CSS. I was dropping the word “recordset” into conversations with other geek friends via the just-released MSN Messenger Service. I considered myself pretty technologically accomplished. But then one day a friend visited and used my computer to check his email. As he took his seat before my beige plastic 15 inch CRT he mumbled “Ugh! It’s so small.”
I was crushed. My monitor was smaller than his monitor. How embarrassing!
Since that day I have always strived to use the largest monitor possible, and usually two of ‘em side by side. And while dual monitor setups are not so common in most homes, at least we’ve come a long way since the primitive days of 15 inch CRTs. The first flat panels ordinary people could afford were tiny, low resolution, low color saturation, low-light things. The contrast (pun intended) to today’s cheap, bright and capable LCD screens is remarkable, but it has been a very short journey from one to the other. Read More about Apple’s HD Cinema Display: Or, How I Overcame Monitor Envy

Sorry Apple Cinema Display, Your New Cousin Is a Cheaper Date

cinemaview_24I don’t think I’m alone in visiting the Apple (s aapl) Cinema Display official product page every now and again and saving carts for later filled with LED goodness, even though I never intend to cash out because I can’t afford to. Apple’s displays are sexy, functional, and of tremendous build quality, but that price tag is a little beyond my monitor budget, so I’ll usually end up opting for a Dell (s dell) that’ll give me the same real estate for far less dough. Plus, I’ll often look for something smaller than 24 inches, since I rarely do graphics-intensive work that requires a larger screen.
Recently, I’ve been looking for a second monitor for my Mac mini since the Mini DisplayPort hook-up is just sitting there empty, and I’m often inclined to play video games and watch TV at the same time, despite the question of whether I can actually enjoy either activity while doing so. New company CinemaView looks to have come along at just the right time. They recently announced a new line of LCD displays designed just for Macs, at a price that won’t break the bank, and with a Mini DisplayPort connector cable out of the box. Read More about Sorry Apple Cinema Display, Your New Cousin Is a Cheaper Date

Goodbye, 20″ Cinema Display. No Hello, 20″ LED Cinema Display?


Another one bites the dust. Another in Apple’s (s aapl) line of Cinema Displays, that is.

Apple pulled the 20″ entry-level model of their popular professional caliber display line Thursday, leaving behind only the legacy 30″ model and the 24″ newly updated LED Cinema Display with DisplayPort that was introduced alongside the new unibody MacBooks and MacBook Pros at the notebook event late last year.

Last time a model was pulled, its replacement was already available, since it was the mid-range 23″ display and the 24″ had already been announced and was available via the Apple Store. The discontinuation of the 20″ leaves a significant hole in the existing line-up, since the mid-range 24″ display is a full $200 more expensive than its smaller sibling. Curiously, AppleInsider is also reporting that all backlogs are to be cancelled and that no replacement is to be offered to fill those orders already existing. Read More about Goodbye, 20″ Cinema Display. No Hello, 20″ LED Cinema Display?

24-inch LED Cinema Display Gets a Little More Touchy-Feely

thumbprintLeopard may not have quite the level of touchscreen integration as Windows 7 appears to be packing, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t those out there who would appreciate having one for their Mac. We can probably cry out for a tablet till the cows come home, and not be rewarded any time soon, unless you’re willing to go third-party. Today we receive yet another third party option, for those who want to get their desktop touch on.

I’m talking about Troll Touch‘s integrated touchscreen for the Apple 24-inch LED Cinema Display. The 24-inch display, you’ll recall, came to us via the same October Apple event that introduced the new line of unibody aluminum notebooks, and uses the new Mini DisplayPort video connection standard that Apple will be adopting across their entire line of computers. It can also power and act as a USB hub for your Apple notebook.

Troll Touch’s touchscreen system uses USB power to drive the analog resistive touchscreen, which can be used with fingertips, gloves, or a stylus (as opposed to, say, the capacitive touchscreen of the iPhone, which requires fingertip interaction). The screen is an overlay, and does not significantly alter the look of your hardware. If you want the total package, it retails for $2299, but if you have your own 24-inch display already, a mere $1399 will have you fondling your monitor in no time.

Not one to discriminate, Troll Touch also offers similar solutions for your iMac, MacBook (13″), or any of the other existing Apple Cinema displays. Prices are all sort of expensive, but if you’re the type that really needs this sort of thing, then you’re probably willing to pay.

Is a 24″ Cinema Display For Your MacBook Worth the Money?

Apple’s new notebook-oriented 24-inch LED Cinema Display is certainly a glorious piece of equipment. If you’re not up to speed, this 24-inch LED-backlit 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution glossy-finish widescreen unit includes a built-in iSight video camera, mic and speakers in an elegant, thin aluminum and glass enclosure stylistically consonant with the new unibody MacBooks and the aluminum iMac. Designed specifically for use with the unibodies, the LED Cinema Display also includes an integrated MagSafe AC power adapter and battery charger, plus three self-powered USB 2.0 ports and the new Mini DisplayPort allowing unibody MacBook users to quickly connect and power their notebooks and favorite peripherals.

The 24″ Cinema Display is mounted on an aluminum stand with an adjustable hinge that makes tilting the display easy and convenient. The downside? This puppy has a suggested retail price of $899. Ouch! If you can afford that comfortably, more power to you, but I think most of us will swallow hard before coughing up 900 bucks for a monitor — even a super-monitor like the 24″ Cinema Display.
Read More about Is a 24″ Cinema Display For Your MacBook Worth the Money?

Apple Taking Orders for the 24″ Cinema Display

Apple has today started to take orders for their new 24″ LED Cinema Display. Shipping is stated to start sometime in November, and the screen is priced at $899. We have previously covered the announcement of the new displays and detailed their features.

This new device is the first display designed to make use of the new Mini DisplayPort currently only present in Apple’s notebook line. It sports Mini DisplayPort, USB and MagSafe connectors to really expand the experience of using a notebook. There’s also a built-in iSight camera, microphone, and speaker system that provide a “true desktop experience” — something not present on previous cinema displays. The addition of a notebook charging cable has been well received, and in-built DisplayPort may go some way to alleviate the problem with a shortage of converters.
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