Final Draft 8 Review


If you’ve ever harbored the desire to write for the silver screen and tried to do something about it, you’ll already know about Final Draft, the showbiz industry’s favorite scriptwriting software.

Everyone in Hollywood uses it; Studio Execs, beleaguered Producers, hot-shot directors… even Michael Bay uses it, but don’t let that last one put you off. If you use Final Draft, you’ll be in the company of James Cameron, Guillermo del Toro and Richard Donner. JJ Abrams is quoted saying, “Even if you don’t own a computer, I recommend buying Final Draft.”
The company behind Final Draft — also called Final Draft — has crammed an impressive array of tools and functionality into version eight. In fact, there’s so much functionality that for novice users it can seem daunting getting to grips with it.
The good news is that it’s really quite easy to get started with Final Draft, particularly if you have some idea of how movie or TV scripts are constructed. And even if you don’t, Final Draft makes the learning process so smooth it’s really just part of your work flow. The software keeps your work in order, properly formatted, properly structured, yet never gets “in the way.” Read More about Final Draft 8 Review

Using an Xbox or PS3 With a Cinema Display

XBox 360 on an Apple Cinema DisplayAs an avid Apple fan, I use a MacBook as my primary machine along with a Cinema Display to provide some extra screen estate. When choosing to buy the display, I never really considered the possibility that I would need to plug any device into it other than my laptop so didn’t opt for one with different ports and connections. This came back to bite me recently when I purchased an Xbox 360 and discovered that, even with an appropriate HDMI to DVI adaptor, it isn’t possible to connect a games console directly to an Apple display.

It is, however, possible to connect a gaming console by way of an EyeTV Hybrid, which has the necessary S-Video or Composite inputs. HD gameplay isn’t possible at this time, but there could well be products in the future which accept HDMI or Component inputs. This guide gives you an overview of this process and should get you up and running with your Xbox (or any other recent games console).
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Glass Cinema Displays?

On Tuesday, when Jobs announced the new iMac, he really made an effort to sell the new materials…aluminum and glass (which are two major components of the new iMac).
Glass is significantly more durable than the current material used in the LCD screens. It’s almost completely scratch resistant and has a much smaller chance of getting punctured in some way. Glass is also a lot easier to recycle.
Another thing Jobs mentioned was that they’ve had overwhelming feedback about the glossy displays on the MacBook and MacBook Pro.
So, those things being noted, do you think the next revision to their Cinema Display line with feature glass screens? I know I love the sharper colors on my glossy MBP screen. It’d be nice to see it on a larger scale (say…a 30″ display?).