Citi’s mobile banking app on Kindle Fire

After the launch of its iPad app, Citibank has launched its app for the Kindle. It is a sign that in the somewhat confusing Android world, Kindle Fire is proving to be an attractive option for app developers and mainstream brands.

Galaxy Nexus and Google Wallet: My first NFC purchase

Since my Galaxy Nexus smartphone has an NFC, or near-field communication, chip, I decided to give Google Wallet a try for a wireless purchase. I purchased gas — not the safest thing do to with a smartphone — and was impressed by the simplicity and security.

Google has now invested over $780M in clean energy

Google has emerged as one of the most aggressive clean power investors in 2011, and has now invested over $780 million into clean power projects and technologies. The latest funding is another $102 million into a wind farm being built in Southern California’s Mojave Desert.

Google Has Now Invested Over $400M in Clean Power

Mark down yet another clean power project that Google plans to back. This morning, Google announced that it’s providing $55 million for part of the construction of a 1.5 GW wind farm being built by Terra-Gen Power in Southern California’s Mojave Desert.

Citibank Red-faced After Censoring Fabulis

Citibank has admitted that a staffer blocked the bank account of gay-networking startup Fabulis and threatened to terminate the company’s account because of what it termed “objectionable content” on the Fabulis blog, but says it has now clarified its internal policies for Internet business accounts.

Did Citibank Block a Startup for Gay Content?

Jason Goldberg, co-founder of and Jobster, says that Citibank blocked the bank account of his new startup Fabulis due to what the bank called “objectionable content” on the company’s blog. Could it have something to do with Fabulis being a social network for gay men?

Off-Topic: Why Citibank Should Vanish

citilogoAfter a long day, I returned home to find a mound of junk mail clogging my mailbox. Of note was a letter from Citibank informing me that it was jacking up the interest charged on my credit card, adding more fees for foreign transactions and other such issues that might result from an economic meltdown. Not much of this impacted me personally, but something bothered me about this letter dubbed a “notice of change in terms and right to opt out.” Read More about Off-Topic: Why Citibank Should Vanish

Google Stock Plummets: Blame It On the Lemmings

The cataclysm that hit global markets over the long weekend has affected technology darling Google, which has seen $16.15 billion shaved off its market cap since closing at $600.25 per share on Friday.

googlejan2008.gifToday the shares fell to change hands for as low as $519 before recovering somewhat to end the session at $548.62. Analysts at Citi issued a note pointing to a deceleration in its growth (based on comScore data), tenuous ties to the plummeting shares of Apple (they both get called tech darlings a lot in the media), and a slowdown in its paid click growth.

Of the three I’m going to vote on a slowdown in advertising as being a good reason to sell, although the lemming thesis involving Apple is more fun to write about.