Nick Kristof on Occupy and the rise of citizen journalism

Many traditional journalists see “citizen journalism” as a negative thing, an untrustworthy source of information that diminishes their role as gatekeepers of the news — but New York Times foreign correspondent and author Nick Kristof says that he sees the value of the phenomenon.

News as a process: How journalism works in the age of Twitter

A new study of the way information flowed during the Arab Spring uprisings earlier this year paints a fascinating picture of how what some call “news as a process” works, and the roles bloggers, mainstream media and others play during a breaking news event.

Amateur Videos of Japan Earthquake Show Devastation, Relief

Amateur footage out of Japan show burning buildings, shaking shelves and damaged roads in the aftermath of the massive earthquake. A number of online platforms have been aggregating citizen media reports about the natural disaster, offering a unique alternative to the clips shown on TV.

Microchanneling: One Big Implication of Google TV

Google used the NBA, Sesame Street and House to show off capabilities of its new Google TV platform, emphasizing how well upcoming devices will work with existing broadcast programming. Dan Gillmor however believes that Google TV will also be a big boost for niche microchannels.